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Greer Ross Dexter



Greer Ross Dexter, of Greer Rōbear, a father/daughter Houston Art Studio, is charming, feminine and interesting with little effort.  Her painting style is abstract, figurative and expressionistic.  Greer's heavy use of oils with broad strokes are commanding and captivating chiefly expressed in her Native American collection.

For Greer, painting is more than passion - each individual piece is a new love story.  "Art is all about relationships.  The romance begins at the first brush stroke."

Beyond art, Greer is also passionate about a local cause to combat a global issue.  She has requested that proceeds from the sale of the Bilancia wine that proudly wears this art label, from the sale of her signed giclees as well as the auction of the orignal painting, are donated to The Houston 20.  Houston ranks number one for most victims of human trafficking in the nation.  Through the greater Houston community foundation and several worthy partners, Houston 20 on works towards education and prevention, as well as rehabilitation of the victims of sex trafficking.  We are proud to assist with this critical effort.