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Kyle Steed


Featured in Texas Monthly, as one of the Ten Artists to Collect Now, Kyle Steed is our artist of the year.  Kyle is based in Dallas, Texas, and is a renowned mural artist, photographer - and as seen here, he is equally masterful on a smaller scale canvas.  Kyle and his art move outside the proverbial lines. "I regard my work as an evolution. A constant turning and unfolding of new forms and new expressions. I believe everything I do starts with me, first, and then moves outward from there."  

Kyle's art is deeply personal with layered meaning.  He takes that same approach with the causes that are near to his heart.  The 2014 Bilancia colorful graffiti-esque labeled wine will benefit The Bee Informed Partnership and their mission to grow the honey bee population.  Additional proceeds will come from the purchase of signed giclees and the auctioned original painting.  

See more of Kyle's work by following him on FacebookInstagram, or visiting his website